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A B O U T  M E

For more than two decades I've been photographing weddings. It's taken me all over Australia and around the world. Wedding days are emotional and exciting days and I have been welcomed into countless families during their happiest days and moments. Seeing different cultures, different traditions, styles, personalities and budgets. Starting in the 90's in the booming tourist wedding industry I quickly moved into the local wedding market. For 15 years I was working as head photographer in Australia's most sought after wedding studio, shooting countless high profile and celebrity weddings. I developed what became the signature style that the studio became famous for. The industry has changed and couples now look for a more personal and hands on approach than what is possible from a busy, high end studio. 

So now I'm able to have more contact with clients before and after their wedding. It allows me complete creative control, plus, for the first time I can offer myself to those couples who may not have the champagne budget of high end studio clients. 

I take a simple, natural and elegant approach to photography. I steer well clear of the cheesy gimmicks that can appear in a lot of wedding photos. I've always had a fascination with natural light and its role in taking a photo to the next level. So I prioritise light and natural expression when I shoot. When couples have the freedom to interact naturally with minimal direction you really see some golden moments. And they're the moments I shoot for... the shots that make your heart burst.

I’m relaxed, calm and relatable. I don't boss your guests and family around or bully the video guy. I spend a long time in post production editing and colour correcting. I don't just want my clients to be happy with their photos, I want them to be blown away. So I work hard through the whole process to make this happen. 

Often I'm told by couples before their wedding that they're nervous about having their photos taken. I just explain that its easy and fun. If it's not fun then there's something wrong. The best photos happen when the bride and groom are happy and relaxed. And... not being put into awkward and unnatural poses. At the end of the day I often hear that I made everything easy, that they felt very comfortable with me and that they barely noticed I was there... and that I was an absolute legend.


Get in touch to ask me questions. I'm only too happy to answer everything you need to know and to talk about your wedding.


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